Why Choose IKCON

We are the authorized channel sales partner of Brick&Bolt.

Safe Money Transaction

Brick&Bolt money transactions work on an Escrow Model. No advance payment is done to the contractor for any stage.

A project is typically divided into multiple stages. For every stage, customer transfers only the stage amount to Escrow.

Only once the project is approved by our project management team, the amount is transferred to the contractor.

This completely safeguards our customers. Ensures sound sleep every day

Absolute Transparency

Our detailed specifications and contracts list every Brick&Bolt that goes into your construction.

Everything is managed through a centralized platform where customers, contractors and project management teams interact in real-time.

Assured Quality Control

We assess all projects on the same quality standards called QASCON-BNB (Quality Assessment System for Construction - Brick&Bolt).

This has 430+ quality checks per floor of construction. Our project management team assess the quality on these parameters.

Quality and the progress of the project is monitored through multiple technology platforms which ensures no quality check is missed during construction process.

Zero Delays

Brick&Bolt hates delays!

In case of avoidable delays in the project, we have strict penalty clauses where the customer is monetarily compensated.

Our construction project management software helps to manage the construction activity to give us live updates and helps us to avoid any delays in construction projects.

How Brick & Bolt is different from others

From Design to build. Making construction reliable, simple, and transparent.

Brick&Bolt Experience

Track the progress of your house construction via our smart app

We provide with 430+ quality checks conducted by our site engineers

No price escalations once the project starts.

Penalty charged on contractor when there is a delay in the project

Payment released to contractor after completion of each stage

5 years of warranty on super and sub structure including underground sump

Only trusted and verified contractors are provided by us

Quotations are very transparent and cover every detail that goes into the construction

Typical Experience

Physically go to the site to track the progress of your construction

No defined checklist and quality checks done by you

80% chance of price escalations

Project gets delayed by 6 months on an average and no penatly is charged

Contractor paid in advance before even the project is completed

No warranty is provided by the contractors on the construction

Trust is not guaranteed. Customer has to verify from his end

Quotations are not well defined and there are lot of grey areas